New Year – New Blog – New Perspectives

… and hopefully some new inspiration to live a life that you love!


I invite you to join me seeing our beautiful planet through different lenses. Gain fresh inspiration and thus more diverse perspectives by looking not just through another lens but many different ones – think different colours, different styles, different angles and so on. B/c we must not forget,

  1. things are not always as they seem
  2. things usually have more than one dimension to it

We can decide through which lenses we look at the world and therefore how we see it. *juggling in between is allowed too* After all, “the results we get in our lives depend on what we do. What we do depends on how we see the world around us.” (Stephen R. Covey)


I herewith refer you to my brand-new blog WorldWideWanderlust:

For those of you who prefer to read in another language, pls check out Google Translate which seems to have become quite good in recent times:

My objective with this new blog is to actively contribute to the proposal above of seeing the world through different lenses, by writing about experiences, encounters and travel journeys of mine.

Hence, I challenge myself to adapt my style of writing and the information I put into my blog to achieve this objective, incorporating little details that might make a difference or putting information in context respectively. I must admit that I haven’t really thought about whether and how I might continue writing for this blog too … we shall see 🙂

Thank you for accompanying my blog(s) and pls do give me your feedback, I am curious to hear from you!

Have a fantastic year 2018!


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