Croatia Plitvice+Kvarner Bay

Our holiday roadtrip leads us from the south of Austria straight down to Croatia … the famous Plitvice Lakes or – as some of my Austrian and German friends would know them as – the Winnetou Lakes.

Close to the border of Bosnia and Herzegovina, this forest reserve is known for a chain of 16 terraced lakes, joined by beautiful waterfalls that keep changing their layout according to climate conditions and amounts of water *let nature do it`s thing*, extending into a limestone canyon that gives the beautiful turquoise colour to the water and keeping it crystal-clear so you can see all the way down to the ground!

Below a few impressions … but seeing this spectacle live is definitely highly recommended … and it´s beautiful throughout the seasons, we understand.


Due to it´s location close to the border, the war in the 90s has taken its toll on the area around this part of the country. It is sad to see so many houses abandoned and in some places even with old letters or other documents to be found in the destroyed homes of the people of the Balkan.  This should make visitors appreciate a peaceful Europe even more, we think … and keep reading on about the history and why nationalism has been so dangerous and always will be…


Crossing from East to West, we reach the Kvarner Bay and here some nostalgia comes to the surface: in the days of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the wealthy and elegant high-society built holiday homes here, bestowing places like Rijeka and Opatija with a rich legacy of grand villas in stately Habsburg-era architecture.

In Ičići we find an awesomely tranquil campground, nestled against the hill and overlooking the Adriatic Sea. A short walk down the steps we reach the waterfront and here the Mediterranean flair is omnipresent. Locals recommend us a restaurant that´s not only super pretty and atmospheric but tremendously delicious too!

Here at the shore is also where a popular walking promenade leads down to Lovran the next day and all the way up to Volosko the following day: 18km along the Lungomare … or Franz Jopseph I as we read on signs. BEAUTIFUL, RELAXING and perfect to UNWIND!

No need for a car for three days, we´re happy just walking, reading*, swimming, hiking, resting, eating, juggling, looking over the water and realizing how fortunate we are to experience this!

*I can really recommend the Croatia Krimi “Mord mit Meerblick” from Ranka Nicolic. Spaß und Spannung garantiert und sogar noch mit ein paar interessante Details zu Geschichte und Kultur der Region um die Kvarner Bucht!


Fresh fish in Volosko … what a feast

Walking along the Lungomare Franz Joseph I promenade … jumping back in times to the days of the thriving Hapsburg Empire 🙂

After a week of Croatia we had back up towards Austria … but will stop in Slovenia on our way North – see next blog entry! What a pleasure it has been – for Daniel as a first visit and for me to come back after over 10 years, to one of the most popular holiday destinations of Austrians. We are positively surprised – what a fantastic combination of nature, food, climate, infrastructure and action – and look forward to explore more of the Balkans soon-ish…

THANK YOU mum+dad for lending us your car for this wonderful roadtrip!


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