RHS Chelsea Flower Show🌿

The Royal Chelsea Flower Show … I´ve heard about it and how special and big it is before … but somehow I think I was never really conscious of it and that it´s an event I could simply go to b/c after all, I live in the city where it´s hosted, year after year, and where it has been made famous!

Sometime towards the end of last year, a friend of mine mentioned it, asked how come I´ve never considered going even though I am such a big flowers and gardens. Yes, I thought – why not actually? …and here I am, 25th of May, the big day has arrived and I´ve even found someone to join me – my good friend Johanna who I know from uni in Bath and who is now my neighbour in London is coming along.

It´s like a huge tradeshow but much better, like an outdoor exhibition but much better, like a garden center but much better, like a themepark with those little sections that make you feel you are in a different world but much better! What a day 🙂

Great to see so many beautiful flowers, topical gardens, varieties, accessories, novelties and trends … all in one place. My selection of photos gives the reader some idea but doesn´t quite do it justice … instead of behind a lense, I´d recommend everyone who loves flowers and gardening to come and see for themselves!

Thank you for coming Johanna, it was a great day … and even lucky one 😉


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