Luxemburg – Let’s make it happen🏰

Very random, how I ended up going to Luxembourg … really enjoyed to discover yet another “new” (for me;) country in Europe!
I had no other plans for that long weekend over 1st of May and the flight to Luxembourg came out as the most economic one out of all countries I have never been to 🙂  Skimming through Google, I grasp that the geology is super interesting, beautiful nature with waterfalls and they have lots of castles, great wines, one of the founding states of today’s European Union … I know enough and am more than happy to click “book”

And the weather just couldn’t be better …

I am amazed by those many rock plateaus that form the city of Luxembourg. It means that we can see lots of bridges and viaducts, often even multistory. A lot of the buildings look like small or not so small castles, with their little turrets on every nook and corner. Ruins of the actual old castle and the vast underground system of passages and galleries known as the casemates give you an impression of how things have been here a few hundred years ago. Offering a natural fortification, rocky cliffs tower above the River Alzette which surrounds the city on three sides. The pictures below will give you an idea … but really don’t compare to how awesome this place actually is! #explorer

And here he is – I took a picture of Robert Schuman, one of the founding fathers of the European Union who left Luxembourg to study in France as the first University of Luxembourg was founded only in 2003!


Ladies and Gentlemen, let me present – Larochette – to you!  This quaint little market town is situated about 20km north of Luxembourg City and herewith practically in the middle of the country. I am staying with a lovely couchsurfer – Karin – and her 4(!) dogs. She tells me that in fact the majority of the population is actually Portuguese who have settled down here after they found work in the area. The view to the castle is from my bathroom… I love it, now let’s go for a hike!

After passing by a beautiful castle, the Müllerthal Trail leads me THROUGH the sandstone rock formations! Absolutely #awesome

I haven taken a few photos. But again – they will just give you an idea, they really don’t compare to how awesome this place actually is!

Look how narrow – this is where I climb down … and below the picture looking back in between the rocks I have just squeezed through.

This is one of Karin´s dogs, she´s called Nina and super super cute! Quite bold but always on the move, hence tricky to take a happy selfie


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