80km CoastalHike in Pembrokeshire🏕

This year for Easter we would like to explore some more of the British countryside and at the same time decide to travel with our beloved tent again. After some considerations in terms of climate, logistics, timing and what we´d enjoy most we come up with Wales … Pembrokeshire. We walk a relatively short section of the 300km long national trail (from Solva to Fishguard/Goodwick), passing different kinds of maritime landscape from rugged cliff tops and sheltered coves to wide-open beaches and winding estuaries. What an amazing journey!

It’s beautiful to walk in nature, we never cross any street, don’t in fact see any cars except once at a beach on Saturday morning where we also enjoy a delicious hearty breakfast and then again that same day in the evening in Porthgain where we stop for dinner at the lovely local pub.

The first evening turns in a short-lived drama when we discover that our pocket lighter has not made it all the way to Wales but stayed in our cozy flat instead. Thankfully I approach a charming young lad in a nearby family hostel who gives me his as a lil’ present to keep *thank you*

Throughout the next three days we are quite astonished how few options there are to stock up on water and other essentials. This is quite  adventurous and we are lucky to have our little gas stove with us, allowing us to boil water for tea. The nights are really c-o-l-d, I tell you that! It is windy at times but we are lucky with the weather, definitely not a given at the Welsh coast in mid-April.

All three nights we find beautiful and unique spots for our tent, wild camping at its best! St David’s Head the first night – no human beings in sight but we observe loads of little rabbits in the early morning. On top of a grassy cliff the second night, with views over the ocean for sunset and marvelous views at sunrise. Our third night finally is next to a church, a stone’s throw away from the graveyard. Here a lovely hippie family looks after us and makes our day by serving hot drinks and wonderful snacks … man is this tasty after a full day out and about.Thank you for your hospitality and interesting story telling, it was great to get some insights into your perspective and world views!

Will now let the pictures speak for themselves … although don’t even come close to what this gorgeous landscape looks like in natura:


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